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Your Delegate. 

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I am Delegate Nicole Williams and I represent Maryland’s District 22. In my day job as a real estate attorney, I fight for my clients who are facing difficult issues and looking to make their communities better.


In Annapolis, I fight for you.


About Nicole

Nicole Williams’ life is driven by service to the community. Growing up in Washington, DC, she was raised by a single mother who taught her the values of hard work and fighting for what’s right.
Nicole embraced these lessons. In high school, she led a fight against random searches of lockers. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, she advocated for women’s reproductive rights.
After working her way through law school, she joined a Maryland law firm and got involved in political outreach and mobilization on behalf of Democratic candidates.
She’s been recognized as a “Top 40 under 40” leader in Prince George’s County and previously was elected to serve on Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee.
Today, Nicole is serving as our Delegate as our voice for all of us in Annapolis. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Nicole Williams - Legislation

The Issues
Environment Pollution

The Environment

Nicole voted for the Clean Transportation and Energy Act to increase grant funding to expand commercial electrification of commercial trucks in Maryland. Additionally, she supported legislation that will require all newly constructed or majorly renovated State buildings to be compliant with LEED standards which minimize the adverse impacts on our climate. 
The Chesapeake Bay is one of our State's most significant resources. Nicole is committed to fighting for greater measures to keep the Bay and other local waterways such as the Anacostia and the Potomac River clean.
Protecting our environment is essential for the future of the planet and the health of everyone


During the 2023 session, Nicole voted for the "Maryland Educator Shortage Act of 2023" to address the record vacancies in Maryland's schools by requiring the State Department of Education to create new and permanent pathways into the education profession. This bill will create a fund for paid internships for student teachers, and enhance programs to recruit and retain new educators. This critical legislation also establishes the Grow Our Own Educators Scholarship Program and Fund to provide scholarships to individuals who pledge to work full-time as a teacher in the State for a minimum of four years. 

Nicole also supported HB 384 which prevents colleges and universities from withholding transcripts because of outstanding debt which can prevent students from getting jobs or submitting applications to further their education.

The Hear Our Voices Act, which Nicole supported, improves access to Title IX resources by requiring each public school to provide information to students, faculty, staff, and parents regarding who serves as the Title IX coordinator for the school, the process in place for filing a sexual misconduct complaint, and the support measures that are in place for filing a sexual misconduct complaint and how to access the support measures. 

Home School


Nicole supported the following for the economy in 2023 -

Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2024) (HB 200) details Governor Moore's budget proposal for the 202 Fiscal Year. This year's budget secures our state's financial future while continuing to make critical investments in Maryland's economy as well as our transportation, education, technological, infrastructure, and physical and behavioral health sectors to support working Marylanders and their families. 

The budget funds continued cost of living raises so that we can provide competitive salaries, recruit and retain great workers to rebuild state government, and fill record vacancies in our state agencies. The Governor's budget also continues record investment in public education, new behavioral health investments to address the mental health crisis in Maryland and prioritizes the development and utilization of renewable energy and other important steps to reach our goal of a clean, sustainable environment. 

The Family Prosperity Act will reduce childhood poverty and help Maryland families by making the 2021 expansion of Maryland's Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) permanent. It expands the state's Child Tax Credit to cover taxpayers with children 5 and under who have a federally adjusted gross income of $15,000 or less. The bill retains the existing credit for children older than 6, which only applies to children with disabilities, and removes the $530 cap for adults without qualifying children. 


Having a dry, clean place to sleep every night should be a basic human right. Affordable housing in Maryland is hard to find and many of our most vulnerable citizens are finding themselves on the streets and in shelters.
Nicole has fought for more affordable housing and a diverse housing stock within our community.
As a real estate attorney, she has seen the harmful effects of predatory lending. She will push back against the deregulation of lending practices here in Maryland, and will fight for measures that will help people who are facing foreclosure or wrongful evictions.

This past session Nicole supported legislation that was vetoed by Governor Hogan that requires a landlord to have a rental license before they can go to court to evict a tenant for failure to pay rent, tenant holding over or breach of lease if the county where the property is located requires a rental license. 

Nicole also voted in favor of requiring landlords to provide at least 90 days notification of a upcoming rent increase for leases over a month and 60 days notification for month-to-month leases This will help renters to make better housing decisions and budget more effectively. 

Modern Neighborhood
Police Car

Public Safety and Gun Safety

Nicole supported the following legislation in 2023 -

Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Possession and Permits to Carry, Wear, and Transport a Handgun (HB 824) strengthens gun safety in Maryland by adjusting Maryland's conceal-carry permitting process to include additional disqualifications to state law. The bill complies with last summer's Supreme Court's Bruen decision, which struck down Maryland's requirement that concealed carry permits could only be obtained by individuals with a special safety need.  Among other new requirements, HB 824 prohibits possession of a regulated firearm by a person who is younger than 21, a person who suffers from a "mental disorder" and has a history of violent behavior or a person who has been involuntarily admitted for more than 30 consecutive days to a facility for treatment of a mental disorder. 

Repeal of Spousal Defense (HB 4) repeals an exemption from prosecution for rape and specified sexual crimes, if, at the time of the alleged rape or sexual offense, the person was the victim's legal spouse. 

Nicole was one of the lead sponsors of the
Reproductive Health Protection Act (HB 808) which include several provisions related to criminal procedure and reproductive health care, including those that generally impact the exchange of information between states. The Act subject to a limited exception, prohibits a judge from issuing a summons if the criminal proceedings or grand jury investigation for which the witness is being summoned relates to a violation of another state's criminal law involving the provision of, receipt of, or assistance with legally protected health care in Maryland unless the act would constitute a crime in Maryland. 

Body-Worn Camera Appropriation and Financing Act of 2023 (SB 330) requires the Department of General Services (DGS), in coordination with the Department of Information Technology, when requested by a law enforcement agency, to negotiate contracts to acquire and maintain body-worn cameras, equipment, and technology for the law enforcement agency. DGS must also study the cost and feasibility of implementing a statewide uniform storage and access system for body-work camera data. 

ELECTON 2024 Resources

Prince George's County 

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, January 4, 2024
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Contact Nicole

I would love to hear your opinion on how to make our community a better place. I will fight for the things that matter most to our families, and be your voice to ensure a better way of life.

Come visit me in Annapolis at the Lowe House Office Building

 6 Bladen Street, Room 207, Annapolis MD 21401

or give me a call at (410) 841-3058; (301) 858-3058

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